Natural hair care regimen

Have you looked at your hair lately and wondered why it looks so lifeless? As you age, your hair loses its natural thickness and flexibility. Regain your youthful hair with just a new, hair-care regimen.

Don’t pull chemical-laden products off of the store shelves. Look for natural products that will gradually improve your hair for the long term. A solid, hair-care routine that includes natural oils will only preserve your hair well into your retirement years.

Shampooing and Conditioning Once a Week

It’s a habit of most women to wash and condition every day. Stop right there because you’re stripping the hair shafts of their natural oils. Ideally, wash and lightly condition your hair once a week.

Read the back of the cleansing bottles to verify that sulfates and parabens aren’t part of the ingredients. You want as few ingredients listed on the container as possible. Ideally, only natural substances should be part of your hair-care regimen.

Did you know that bentonite clay is one of the natural ingredients you can use for your hair? In the article “Your Complete Guide to Bentonite Clay for First-Time Users” we explain how to use it as a shampoo or hair mask.

Deep-Conditioning Every Month

A deep-conditioning treatment forces moisture into your hair so that the shaft remains strong. There are dozens of variations on a monthly recipe, but try this mixture:

  • Argan oil
  • Honey
  • Banana

Add this mixture to your hair, and allow it to saturate your locks for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it out for deep-conditioned hair that shines.

Moisturize in the Evening

Use a basic moisturizer, such as argan oil, every evening before bedtime. By dabbing a few drops into your hair, the oil quickly absorbs into the shaft. It won’t feel sticky or greasy either because argan oil is a pure product that’s complementary to human hair and skin.

Detangle as Necessary

Skip all of those chemical-based detangling products, and pull out your argan oil. This product comes from Moroccan nuts that have been used for their functional qualities over several centuries.

Dab the oil onto your hair as you finger comb it. Use a wide-toothed comb afterward to see your tresses straighten out like magic.

Heat Protect With Every Styling Session

Styling your hair creates extensive damage, such as:

  • Split ends
  • Kinked hair

Apply argan oil to your hair as a natural, heat protectant. It coats the hair lengths so that they can be styled without damaging the delicate tissue. Go ahead and style your hair every day with argan oil’s strength under hot conditions.

From shampooing your hair to styling it like a professional, natural care is the key to healthy locks. If you have any suggestions from your experiences, share them in the section below. It’s easy to get tangled up with chemical products sometimes so be aware of your purchases as you enjoy your youthful-looking hair.