Keeping your Scalp Healthy the Natural Way!

Although the scalp is covered by hair, it is nevertheless important to keep it healthy. Why you may ask? Because without healthy scalp, hair will also be unhealthy. Let us look into dry scalp. Dry scalp often brings forth several problems such as flaking, itching, and even brings forth an increased rate of hair loss. These problems are difficult to cure if dry scalp is ignored.

When it’s all covered up, what causes scalp to dry up?

Dry scalp can be caused by a lot of things. Among the most common reasons are:
  • The number one cause of dry scalp is the excessive loss of oil in the scalp’s surface and also in the hair.
  • The cold weather also plays a role in making scalp dry.
  • The use of harsh shampoos will make scalp dry. Chemicals in strong shampoos remove natural oils in both scalp and hair. Changing to a milder shampoo will help resolve dry scalp problems.
  • Hard water also causes dry scalp. To resolve this, filters may be installed to help eliminate mineral content in water that can be harmful to both hair and scalp.
  • Diet plays a role in dry scalp. Like every bodily function, diet affects body systems and function. When the body does not get enough nutrients, the glands that produce oils for the body will not be able to do their job properly. A balanced diet will help solve your dry scalp problems.

What else can you do to keep your scalp nourished?

When scalp has become itchy and flaky, nourishment is essential to resolve these problems. Here is where argan oil can help. Argan oil is derived from a Moroccan tree. The oil is produced by the natives of the land. The Berber women who have been using this oil for centuries personally produce argan oil. This oil is proven to be rich in essential nutrients that keep scalp and hair protected from both environmental and chemical factors. Argan for hair is not only easy to use but is also proven to work. Regular application of oil to scalp will bring back its natural oils. Just a few drops of this oil will be enough to get nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and fatty acids. People who have used the product say that scalp becomes less flaky instantly after use. According to them, after a few days of regular use, no itching can be felt. Argan and oil are preferred even by hair experts! Hair experts not only recommend using products with argan oil, they actually use these products themselves. Aside from argan oil’s nutrients, argan is also an all-natural product. No chemicals or harsh substances were added to the oil making it safe for both adults and children. Truly an amazing product, argan oil will solve all your scalp and hair problems!

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