Using Argan Oil for Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a skin condition in which patchy areas arise that are flaky and itchy.

If it’s left without treatment, psoriasis symptoms can lead to further irritation and possible infection.

Argan oil is a clever choice for psoriasis relief. It contains vitamin E, which assists the skin with repairs through antioxidant power.

Learn everything there is to know about argan oil for psoriasis right now. Explore the finer details so that you know argan oil for skin is definitely good for psoriasis.

Is Argan Oil Good for Psoriasis?

Argan oil is good for psoriasis. This natural oil contains many different molecular compounds that target itchy patches of skin.

Reducing irritation and hydrating the skin are the key factors that make argan oil good for psoriasis.

Every person is different, however, so trying the oil on a temporary basis is a smart way to start.

Do you know that there are specific symptoms that signify a psoriasis breakout is occurring? Learn all about these indicators so that you can take action with argan oil’s assistance.

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The Symptoms of Psoriasis and How Argan Oil Can Help

Psoriasis is a chronic disease where the body produces excess skin cells. This activity is one of the main symptoms experienced by most women.

Other symptoms might be more detailed, such as:

Cracked and Bleeding Skin Patches

The main ingredient within argan oil that specifically targets the skin is vitamin E. It moisturizes the skin while offering healing elements for these cracked and bleeding areas.

Inflamed Patches

Vitamin E is also linked to reducing inflammation and possibly enhancing metabolism for these patches.

Scales Across Inflamed Skin

A rapid turnaround of the skin cells with less inflammation leads to more comfortable conditions when scaly skin is present.

Itching, Burning and Soreness Associated With Dry Skin

Partnering with vitamin E is squalene, which is also a moisturizing compound. They work together to hydrate the skin.

Their efforts lead to more comfortable conditions than previously felt.

Swollen Joints

Argan oil rapidly absorbs into the skin where it can potentially impact any joint issues associated with psoriasis. Anti-inflammatory properties calm the joint area.

Thickened Nails

The main reason why argan oil is good for psoriasis is the fat-and-moisture content. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and squalene are just two of the compounds found within argan oil that hydrate and soften the skin and nails.

Therefore, thickened nails can be balanced out as they grow into healthier tissue.

Other substances relieve itchy sensations, such as:

  • Phytostenols
  • Tocopherols

These compounds are complemented with nutrients that include vitamins.

Women might enjoy the antioxidant and antiseptic power of vitamin E, but carotenoids and fatty acids also offer their own assistance to the skin. They work as a balancing act so that the skin has the right level of oils every day.

Would you like to know how to use argan oil on psoriasis? Get to know the best steps below.

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How to Use Argan Oil on Psoriasis

Knowing how to use argan oil on psoriasis is how every person can reap the optimal benefits from this natural resource.

Follow these basic steps below. Each instruction contributes to the oil’s efficacy on the skin.

Dedicate Time to Psoriasis Care

Apply argan oil twice a day. Carve out time in the morning and evening for this beauty regimen.

Cleanse the Affected Areas

Lather up a cleanser that’s free from artificial ingredients, such as chemicals, fragrances or dyes. Gently massage each area with the cleanser.

Rinse and Pat Dry

Use lukewarm water to rinse the cleanser away.

Pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Do not rub the patches.

Apply the Argan Oil

Drizzle up to two drops of argan oil onto the fingers. Use a circular motion to massage the oil into the patchy skin.

Allow the oil to absorb into the skin.

Continue with this spot treatment twice each day to notice relief from psoriasis flareups.

Many women also deal with scalp psoriasis. Are you curious about argan oil for the scalp?

Explore the scalp’s options for psoriasis relief with argan oil right now.

Can Argan Oil Also Help with Scalp Psoriasis?

Argan oil is effective on scalp psoriasis. Do you know what this condition is from a clinical standpoint?

Scalp psoriasis is a skin condition where patches of irritated and thickened tissue occur on and around the scalp. You may or may not see the patches, but you’ll definitely feel the itchy sensation.

The issue that persists with scalp psoriasis is treatment options. Shampoos designed for this condition don’t have much time on the skin before being washed away.

That’s why argan oil is a clever product for itch relief. Women can directly apply the oil onto the scalp and leave it there.

It has a chance to absorb into the scalp for the entire day. No other shampoo product has that kind of power.

Would you like to use argan oil on the scalp now? Continue on to learn how to apply the oil in just the right way.

How to Use Argan Oil on Scalp Psoriasis

Using argan oil in the proper manner will give it the best efficacy on the scalp.

There are two basic ways to use argan oil for scalp psoriasis. We’ll cover both strategies below:

Overnight Treatment

  1. Drizzle up to three drops of argan oil onto the scalp; use more if necessary.
  2. Carefully massage the oil into the scalp by using circular motions with your fingers.
  3. Cover the scalp with a cap or towel.
  4. Sleep with the oil on the scalp.
  5. Shampoo with a mild product in the morning.

Spot Treatment

  1. Dab one drop of argan oil onto each itchy patch on the scalp.
  2. Allow it to remain on the scalp for the entire day.

The overnight treatment serves scalp psoriasis better than the spot treatment because itchy patches can occur at any time in this skin area. Use the spot strategy when you need to head out the door in the morning.

Apply either treatment each day for relief from scalp psoriasis.

Do you appreciate images that explain a process or idea? Explore the infographic below for a better understanding of argan oil for psoriasis.


It helps to put a visual representation of argan oil for psoriasis into context with the infographic below.

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These images should go over the key points of this article. Any clarifications are easily made here.

Argan oil is a solution that many mature women are discovering today. Did you know that argan oil can also help with rosacea flareups. Here you can read more on argan oil and rosacea


It’s always empowering to learn about a natural treatment for psoriasis. Argan oil offers relief on several different levels.

In this article, you gained knowledge about these features, such as:

  • Symptoms of psoriasis
  • How argan oil can help psoriasis
  • Using argan oil on scalp psoriasis

Rely on nature’s bounty when it comes to argan oil for psoriasis. This chronic condition can be controlled with nourishing nutrients from Morocco.

It’s your turn to tell us all about argan oil and psoriasis. Do you have any clever tips to tell other women?

Share your thoughts in the section below. What are your experiences or plans with argan oil?

Apply argan oil on psoriasis today!